We’re on fire

Life in general is rarely dull, but life at St. Anthony Church in Madisonville is never boring! For a small community, we have a lot going on. In October, we had: programs on the environment and Faithful Citizenship, a visit from brothers and sisters of our twinning parish in Dominica, a concert with other Madisonville churches, enrollment of our 2nd graders into preparation for the sacrament of Reconciliation, and a Focus Area Gathering at which we shared the goals of our five focus areas and celebrated our commitment to this parish.

November promises to be just as exciting. For Black Catholic History month, we will decorate the sanctuary with Kente cloth. African drumming will be incorporated into the Sunday liturgies. We will remember the deceased on November 2, the Feast of All Souls. On the 9th we will sign the St. Francis Pledge to care for the environment. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is a priority of this parish, and so we will have a speaker on November 16 in preparation for the collection on the 23rd. The 23rd is also the Feast of Christ the King—a big celebration as we wrap up our celebration of Black Catholic Family month. And on the 30th, the First Sunday of Advent, we will celebrate Eucharist at a single Mass at 10 a.m. And this is just a list of the liturgical “specials” for the month. We’ll also begin the process of implementing our pastoral region, announce our parish strategic plan, collect food and other items for the Madisonville Education & Assistance Center, and carry on with all of the many activities that constitute business as usual.

When I think of a brief way to describe St. Anthony, the words “small but mighty” come to mind. We are the polar opposite of a mega-church in size, but in spirit we can stand alongside any congregation. Our choir sings “God’s Gonna Set This World on Fire,” and our parish is holding the matches!